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Crane Mats, Swamp Mats, Timber Mats, 

Temporary Roadways

CarlWood produces quality crane mats and swamp mats used in heavy construction and heavy equipment transportation.

Depending upon the environment where the mat will be used and its purpose we can manufacture any sort of specialty mat from a variety of hardwood and softwood species, and to your exact specifications and requirements.

We have produced crane mats, timber mats, dragline mats, swamp pads, road mats, mora mats and many others used for unique purposes. For example, our timber mats have been used by oil and gas exploration companies for building temporary roads over environmentally sensitive ground.

CarlWood supplied crane mats used by the British Columbia provincial government in the construction of two major transportation projects, the Pitt River Bridge project and the Port Mann Bridge project.

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Heavy Equipment Mats

Crane-Mats   Crane-Mats

CarlWood Crane Mats

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- 4’ wide x 20’ long x 12” thick
- 1Ό” heavy duty bolts that are countersunk
- #2 and better Fir with no wane
- Approximate weight is 2600 lbs. per crane mat.
- 25 4' x 20' mats fit on a Super-B truck
Crane on 4' x 20' mats supplied by CarlWood


- 4’ wide x 20’ long x 12” thick
- 7’ long Ύ” heavy duty cable attached to the 1Ό” bolt through an 8” wide dap. 
- Each bolt is counter sunk 
25 4' x 20' mats fit on a Super-B truck

Crane Mats in a Bog
Working in a Bog with Crane Mats


- 4’ wide x 17’ long and slope from 12” down to 3”
- Four daps for access to lift points
- #2 and better Fir, limited wane PEFC timbers.


- 4’ wide x 8’ long 8” thick with #2 and better limited wane
- Between each timber is a steel stiffening plate (5 plates), each one is 1/8” x 7” x 95” 

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