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Specialty Lumber Products

Railway Crossing Posts

CarlWood has manufactured Red Cedar crossing posts for railway companies. We trim, shape, drill and paint for easy installation.

Rustic Timber Furniture:

Furniture manufacturers buy large-sized timber to make specialized furniture such as wood benches or stools.

Specialty Timber Products:

CarlWood manufactures a number of niche products made from lumber including stop logs (such as the ones used by movers to serve as blocks), industrial blocks and wedges.

Railway Switch Ties & Taper Ties

CarlWood manufactures these products used for railways to switch trains between tracks.


Specialty Transition Mat

Transition Mat     

- 16" at heel, 3" at toe, 12' wide 

- 8' x 8' curbs

- Used as ramps for equipment to get up onto other mats

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