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Specialty Lumber Products

Railway Crossing Posts and Railway related specialty timbers

CarlWood has manufactured Red Cedar crossing posts for railway companies. We trim, shape, drill and paint for easy installation.

Rustic Timber Furniture:

Furniture manufacturers buy large-sized timber to make specialized furniture such as wood benches or stools.

Specialty Timber Products:

CarlWood manufactures a number of niche products made from lumber including stop logs (such as the ones used by movers to serve as blocks), industrial blocks and wedges. Here is a picture of some Yellow Cedar 18" x 18" x 8' timbers we supplied to a customer in Toronto for dock bullards. Yellow cedar is the ideal specie for rot and natural weather resistance. No treating is required. 

Yellow Cedar Dock Bullards

Railway Switch Ties & Taper Ties

CarlWood manufactures these products used for railways to switch trains between tracks.

 Douglas Fir Timbers with special angle cut for Railway application

Specialty Transition Mat and Truck Deck Mats

Douglas Fir Truck Deck Mats, fits in a low-bed trailer after steel is manufactured

Transition Mat     Transition Mat with curb

- 16" at heel, 3" at toe, 12' wide 

- 8' x 8' curbs

- Used as ramps for equipment to get up onto other mats

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