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Did you know Canada is a world leader in 

sustainable forest management?

 93% of Canada's forests are publicly owned. 

This provides assurance that companies 

operating on these lands are bound by:

- Comprehensive legislation and enforcement 

- 20-25 year forest management plans 

- Rolling 5 year development plans and
site specific annual operational plans

- Forest management plans subject to public review 

- Deforestation rate in Canada is almost zero (0.02%)

- Has close to 90% of the original forest cover, with a thriving forest products industry

- More than 31 million hectares of protected forests

Less than 1% is harvested annually (including in the boreal forest)

- More than 75% of the protected forest and other wooded land are considered strictly protected where no logging or extraction is allowed

- By law all harvested areas must be replanted  

- Although 85% of regeneration occurs naturally, 500,000,000 trees are planted annually

An independent third party report concluded that Canada has:

- A world leading environmental protection system relating to forestry practices 

- A forestry policy and regulatory regime that is stringent and non-discretionary 

- Enforcement measures that are some of the most advanced in the world 

- With respect to critical issues such as illegal logging, Canada has the best controls and is the best country in the world to source your wood from

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