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Our Team

 Bob Carl
Sylvia Carl
     Bob and Sylvia

"Because the life cycle of most of the hardwoods of the Pacific Northwest is forty to fifty years, it is an ideal renewable resource. We at CarlWood are ideally situated to succeed in supplying genuine BC hardwood and softwood products to the world.”



Cathy Carl


"Growing up on the Pacific West Coast I have experienced many of the concerns about the future of our precious forest resource. I have a deep and abiding interest in supplying genuine Canadian hardwoods and softwoods to the world, because it is a renewable resource.”

 Doug              Cathy

Chris Chris 
Sales - North America
Lumber and Crane Mats

 "I’m in my third decade of working at CarlWood and it’s been gratifying to see the progression of how the company’s vision has expanded. I see great potential with our customer partnerships and their future. Call me to discuss your crane mats and timber needs."

Hideyuki Ueda
Sales - Japan

 "Please contact me for inquiries on Sitka Spruce, Yellow Cedar, Douglas Fir and Western Hemlock high grade logs and lumber."

Specialty Products

 "The amazing thing about this business is where and how our products are used. I've seen a lot of great ideas and applications for our lumber. As a journeyman cabinet maker I've learned to appreciate the distinctive qualities of each species.”

Ask Randy about technical questions to do with lumber joinery



Everything Else!
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Shipping, Mat Production and More

 "I have been with the CarlWood team since 2007 and have done many jobs from mat assembly to shipping. Talk to me also about Gold exploration. Panning for gold is a way of life!"
Mat production and much more

"I am a mat production specialist! When I am not producing mats I can discuss Gold panning and Exploration. I am looking for the elusive mineral!"
 "Ruff ruff, ruff!"

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