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Our Beautiful Hemlock

These pictures are of some very nice Western Hemlock 4-1/4" x 4-1/4". Straight grain, limited compression, limited mineral. This is being sold to a customer overseas. It will be re-manufactured into finished goods for a home builder who will use it for door and window trim and case goods and baseboards. is a beautiful non-resinous fine grain softwood that dries and manufactures well. Easy to stain and paint, it is a sustainably harvested species from...

Another Use for Our Timber

Here is some beautiful Fine Grain timbers that will be used to make Masts and Spars for Wooden Boats. These pieces are 9" thick and 12" and wider widths and up to 27' long. Sitka Spruce has an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio, and is available in large, straight-grained pieces, lending this timber to a wide range of commercial uses. Uses include aircraft components, musical instrument soundboards (guitars and pianos), boat building (mast and spars), wind turbine...

Ships’ Rope Ladders

We have a colleague/customer who uses our lumber to make ladder treads for rope ladders which are used on large freighters.

These treads look like furniture! They are very high quality for safety (breakage) reasons. When ships enter the Salish Sea at the bottom of Vancouver Island, a Coastal Pilot joins the ship, climbing up the side of the freighter using these rope ladders. The Pilot then guides the ship into Vancouver Harbour or...

CarlWood’s 100 Mile Diet for Wood Supply…

What about the 100-mile diet for your wood supply?

We have all heard how popular the 100-mile diet is for the food you buy. So what about for the lumber you buy?

Add the concept that your raw material (kiln dried hardwood lumber) comes from within 100 miles and you will get a good reaction from your customers. Now add in the idea that it is 100% Canadian fibre from the most sustainably managed forests in the world and you will...

What Makes Red Alder Lumber so Unique?

Red Alder is a unique species of wood.

The Red Alder in BC, Canada grows quickly to maturity, being ready for harvesting in 40-60 years. After site disturbance, from prior logging or development, Alder is the first tree species to generate. Overmature trees (generally over 60 years) fall to the ground and decay quickly supplying rich nutrients to the soil for other trees. Alder has rarely been planted in BC because of its ability to generate seedlings in floodplains...

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