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Ships’ Rope Ladders

We have a colleague/customer who uses our Pacific Coast Maple lumber to make ladder treads for rope ladders which are used on large freighters.
These treads look like furniture! They are very high quality for safety (breakage) reasons. When...

CarlWood’s 100 Mile Diet for Wood Supply…

What about the 100-mile diet for your wood supply?
We have all heard how popular the 100-mile diet is for the food you buy. So what about for the lumber you buy?
Add the concept that your raw material (kiln dried...

What Makes Red Alder Lumber so Unique?

Red Alder is a unique species of wood.
The Red Alder in BC, Canada grows quickly to maturity, being ready for harvesting in 40-60 years. After site disturbance, from prior logging or development, Alder is the first tree species to...

We are Certified!

We are pleased to announce our PEFC Environmental Certification! We can now offer Environmentally Certified Wood.
CarlWood PEFC Certificate of Registration

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