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Rail Accessories 

Rail Crossing Posts
We manufacture Red Cedar crossing posts for railway companies. We trim, shape, drill and paint for easy installation.

Rail Pipe Blocking
Large section pipe must have regulation railway style form fitting dunnage blocks. These curved dunnage blocks were used to transport 78" diameter heavy wall pipe on open flat cars.

Rail Jack Blocking
These blocks are used to jack up wheel bogeys for repair and railway maintenance work. Made from laminated Pacific Coast Maple for best performance and limited "crush". 

Rail Mini Ties
Used in a pot ash mine in Saskatchewan. These mini-ties were for a mini-railway for small rail-cars of potash being dug under ground.

Rail Cross Tie replacements supplied by CarlWood, this bridge, located near Williams Lake, had "sagged" over time and had a compound sweep in shape. We "dapped" to specific depth each tie so the resulting installation would we straight and follow the correct engineered sweep as required.

Rail Taper Cross Ties loaded for delivery to aid in railway maintenance. Each piece numbered for exact precise location on the timber bridge.

Rail Taper Ties ready to be loaded, each piece is dapped to a precise "depth" and rolled for installation. The different "dap depths" produced an angled curve in the bridge to suit the "pathway" of the rails.

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